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Happy One Year

Our Cookie Dough Cafe hit it’s first milestone! We have officially been open 1 year!! The inside of the cafe was filled with people, excitement & birthday decor! We treated our 1st year celebration as a giant birthday party! Guests were given the opportunity to win fun “birthday gifts” & the cafe’s ceiling was covered in balloons for the kids and lets be real also the adults. We kept the 1 year theme going w/ $1 scoops, cookies, and cookie dough cake. Our collab with Bee’s Cakes was truly doughlicious! We learned that the only thing better than cookie dough, is cookie dough cake w/ dough truffles on top! Ohhhh that cake! It was as delicious as it was beautiful!

The cafe was filled with positive energy & excitement! There was a continuous line all day! It was a dream come true seeing everyone so excited about our dough & the family-friendly atmosphere we have created. The day was perfect…happy customers, great music, gorgeous decor and delicious treats. We loved seeing the smiles on families’ faces.

Reflecting on our first year is like reflecting on skydiving…it’s all a scary blur! I’m not speaking from experience because no way in hell would I skydive…I’m just imagining it. My sister and I come from the wholesale world, launching our first tub of gourmet edible cookie dough in supermarkets in 2011. Running a cafe is much different. It has been a year FULL of learning with much more learning ahead!

It’s already been a year…time flies. What scary blur will be next? Stay tuned!