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Our Story

Each year there are multiple salmonella and e coli outbreaks due to consumption of raw flour and cookie doughs containing raw flour, that is why we created a safe, ready-to-eat edible cookie dough that is made with professionally heat treated flour and is egg-free.

The Cookie Dough Café has created a SAFE alternative to traditional bakeable cookie doughs and baking mixes. Our recipes use great tasting, high quality, wholesome ingredients, but most importantly, they are safe to consume unbaked.

Joan & Julia

Our love of cookie dough started when we were kids. Some of our fondest childhood memories involved baking with our mom. There was something special about being in the kitchen, watching her whip up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies while we stood on chairs eagerly waiting to lick the dough off the beaters.

To us, the cookie dough has always been the best part! We wanted to share our passion by creating delicious, gourmet edible cookie dough to be enjoyed by everyone. Crafted with high quality, wholesome ingredients, each spoonful is designed to take you back to your childhood and those special times in the kitchen with family and friends. Nothing could be better.

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