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Friendly reminder to the CDC from the CDC

December 12th, 2018

CDC…not again…raw cookie dough is unsafe to eat, we know, we’ve heard it a thousand times. Buuuutttt hey CDC have you ever heard of the OG CDC The Cookie Dough Cafe – two brilliant sisters came up with a Safe To Eat gourmet edible cookie dough in 2011!

They were on Shark Tank, they sell it in Walmart, Sams, supermarkets across the US, online…they even have a brick and mortar in Portland, OR.

Do you use eggs? Hell no we don’t (egg free baby)

But do you use raw flour? Nope, no raw flour. Our flour goes through a heat treating process administered by trained professionals. Ya you heard that right…

So lick the spoon already CDC…get onboard, there’s no more sneaking spoonfuls! Grab a spoon and dig right in®, we’ll even provide that for ya!