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Santa Naked Dough Strawberry Short Cake

Don’t worry kids naked dough is a flavor…Santa is fully clothed in this recipe! You know when you want to make some beautiful but only have about 10 minutes…wellllll here is the perfect recipe. The strawberries with the naked dough and pound cake is the perfect combination. This is a spin on a traditional strawberry shortcake. Check out our store locator or online store to find our gourmet edible cookie dough! Use promo code JOLLY20 to save 20% on all online orders at checkout.

Santa Naked Dough Strawberry Short Cake

Author: Taryn Camp

What you need
Pound cake (store bought)
Pint of Naked Dough
Your fav sprinkles
Whipped cream
White chocolate

Buy your favorite pound cake and cut to shape and place in the bottom of a glass or dessert dish, then add sweetapolita sprinkles – Snowflakes + Sugarplums, naked cookie dough, strawberries, whipped cream more sprinkles and a Santa strawberry. To make the Santa hat dip the strawberry in White chocolate then a drop of white chocolate at the top to put the sprinkle on. Easy peasy!

Not a big strawberry fan, replace with candied oranges and soak the pound cake with a squeeze of an orange wedge…creamsicle anyone! Make this BOOZY for your adult friends and soak the pound cake with a little rum, tripe sec or orange liqueur…tis the season to be Merry and Bright!

These babies would be adorable in small mason jars for the perfect holiday gift.

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