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Celebrating a Great Team

Earlier this month we had our first team building event. For the longest time, our company was just us sisters. Over the past two years we have been expanding and building an amazing team. It felt great to celebrate all the hard work and dedication they have put in! We decided to enjoy a night out & a game at Wrigley Field. This is the most fun we have had in a LONG time! We had a great dinner, enjoyed a Cubs’ win, and stayed at their amazing new hotel! We were even able to enjoy our edible cookie dough while watching the game!


With the world being so online and e-meetings over Skype and email it was great to spend time face to face. We were able to celebrate the company’s accomplishments with those closest to the business. It felt great to reward the team responsible for helping us along the way and those who believed in our idea from the beginning!

Seeing others enjoy themselves, gives us great joy! We had a blast too, but the most rewarding part was seeing others let loose and truly have a moment they will never forget. We are already wondering how we will ever top this year’s event!