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Cookie Dough Chocolate Marble Pound Cake

October 21st, 2019

Weekend plans…craving pound cake, cookie dough and coffee! Make this!

This recipe is from Food & Wine with a few modifications. After buying this gorgeous pan from Crate & Barrel I knew I had to make something beautiful and tasty! This recipe does fill the loaf pan pretty full…I actually had to cut the bottom part off with a serrated knife but wasn’t mad because those parts we could munch on while the whole loaf cooled.

A few variations to the Food & Wine recipe I used. Loaf pan was bigger since I used the Crate & Barrel Harvest Bounty Pan linked above. I didn’t line it with parchment since it’s shaped, just brush it with a lot butter and dust the pan with fine sugar. Now to add the chocolate chip cookie dough follow the recipe spoon half of the yellow batter into the prepared pan and smooth the surface, then spread the chocolate batter in the pan, NOW add small scoops of cookie dough then cover with the remaining plain batter. Add anywhere from 8-10 small scoops of our gourmet edible cookie dough, my preferred scooper is Norpro .5 tablespoon. Make sure you have enough yellow batter to cover all cookie dough scoops. If any dough is showing just push that scoop further into the batter.

Let cool completely then sift powdered sugar over the top to showcase all the fall shapes. This cookie dough marble cake is perfect with Stumptown coffee and sliced and warmed up for 30 seconds in the microwave.

Happy Fall!