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The Fresh Market 10 Year Anniversary

This March it will be a decade since we sold our first jar of edible cookie dough at The Fresh Market. We remember our first meeting with the manager, Jamie, like it was yesterday! Joan’s ears may still be ringing from Julia’s screams of excitement in the car after the meeting. 🙂 Jamie was blown away by the look and taste of our edible cookie dough! He immediately sent our products to Corporate and, once approved, we were on the shelf in 2 local markets.

Over the next year, we were consistently #1 in our category & were given the opportunity to expand throughout Illinois. Continuing to show strong sales, we were launched nationally at The Fresh Market. This was our big break & opened up National distribution. No more getting up at 4 a.m. and hand delivering in our tiny refrigerated cookie dough truck that we bought off Craigslist, to Chicago, the suburbs and parts of central Illinois! We could now build pallets in our production center and reach more customers. Jamie’s reaction to our product gave us the confidence to pursue our dream. We are so thankful that he believed in our brand and saw its potential! 

The Fresh Market has been our longest customer & we are excited they continue to support women owned boutique brands. Please be sure to stop by your local Fresh Market & take advantage of some amazing discounts throughout the month of February!!! Cheers to ten years and creating a brand new dessert Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough in a very sleepy category!

Joan and Julia standing behind a sample table at The Fresh Market

The Cookie Dough Café team celebrating outside of The Fresh Market

The Cookie Dough Café truck delivering product to The Fresh Market


Joan & Julia