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2021 Year in Review

2021 was a year full of challenges for most small businesses. We are happy the year is coming to an end and looking forward to a bright 2022. Although the year was challenging, we definitely had a few moments that stand out & keep us holding our heads up high!

We had our first ALDI Find opportunity. Our Chocolate Chip 4pack was available at ALDI in August & sold out in less than a week!! We are looking forward to our next ALDI Find opportunity in the summer of 2022!

Hand holding a box of Cookie Dough Café Minis in an Aldi aisle

We also brought our Cookie Dough Bars back & they are now available at all Love’s Travel Stops. Love’s is an amazing, family-friendly stop when traveling. They have a great selection of fresh foods and often have small dog parks for those traveling with pets.

Hand holding Cookie Dough Café Bars in front of a Love's gas station

The cafe is definitely a new normal that we are constantly adapting to, but we have an amazing cookie dough team and are adapting quite well! We are thankful for a successful year at our Oregon cafe. We are also thankful that our customers have learned to navigate so well during a pandemic that none of us knew would last so long. The cafe had some amazing new products this year, such as cookie dough frosted cookies and lots of new halfsies flavors (half cookie dough / half ice cream), such as “Death by Chocolate” and one of our top sellers, “Trick or Treat!” This one I am still thinking about! The cafe is also providing Blazer fans gourmet edible cookie dough during home games at the Moda Center. It has been a blast meeting so many new cookie dough fans!

 Hands holding a "Halfsies" pint Sheet of Café cookies Cookie Dough Café cart at the Moda Center


We are truly thankful for all those who continue to support us by purchasing our products at their local supermarkets, convenience stores, concession stands, and when shopping online. We are no longer the only edible cookie dough on the shelf, but continue to strive to be the best tasting & most authentic. We hope our products continue to bring you back to your childhood in 2022! Cheers!

Joan & Julia